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Interactive Circle of Fifths

The Interactive Circle of Fifths is a free online music theory tool designed to help musicians to interpret chord progressions, easily transpose music to a different key, compose new music, and understand key signatures, scales, and modes. It goes beyond the limitations of a traditional, static diagram without sacrificing clarity and simplicity, and it includes an extensive User's Guide to help you discover all that it has to offer.



webftCOM is a free COM component that provides easy-to-use file transfer and file management features over HTTP and FTP. It is a proven, robust component that has been in use in commercial systems since 2002. Use webftCOM to add online file transfer to your Windows Scripting Host programs, HTML Applications (HTAs), or anywhere else you use COM objects.



Blackbar is an ultra-compact, full-featured skin for Windows Media Player. It is designed to be placed in an unused spot in the title bar area at the top of your screen, where it fades into the background until you need it. Just mouse over it to access all of the major features of Media Player, including play controls, volume, track position, track details, and playlist management.


About Rand

Rand Scullard

Rand Scullard has been a professional software designer and developer since 1988. After a number of years in the desktop publishing and work management industries, in 1997 Rand began to focus on creating highly interactive Rich Internet Applications for the corporate market. His specialties include user interface design, application architecture, browser-based dynamic content, and software configuration management.

Since 2004, Rand has been with the consulting firm Gupton Marrs International, where he is a senior member of the software team.

When he isn't designing applications for large corporate clients or spending time with family and friends, Rand enjoys writing and recording music and creating music-related software. The best results of these efforts are available here at RandScullard.com.